Bank Card

Kunlun Mountain Platinum Card

  Kunlun Mountain Platinum Card is a personal account offered by Bank of Kunlun to public. The account integrates deposits, withdrawals, transfer, financial management, consumption, middle agency business, and many other functions to provide convenient financial services. You may pay with the card when you shop or enjoy services in contracted vendors or withdraw cash from ATMs labeled with “China Unionpay” both in China and in other 120 countries.

  Service Features:

  1. Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

  You may deposit and withdraw cash at any service outlets of KLB, or use ATMs to withdrawal and CRS to deposit cash.

  2. Multi-account-in-one-card

  One current account and more-than-one fixed deposit accounts can be integrated into one single bank card. (Including lump-sum deposit & withdrawal account, time-demand deposit account, and installment fixed deposit account)

  3. Nationwide account access

  Deposit and withdrawal requests of all sorts of accounts within one card, password changing, transfer and settlement, and inquiry services are honored at any service outlets of KLB

  4. No card deposit

  You may deposit at any service outlets of KLB with only the card number and the fund will be shown in account immediately.

  5. Transfer

  You may transfer money through any service outlets counter and self-service transfer service.

  6. Consumption

  You may make payment by swiping the card at any POS machine of specially engaged merchants labeled with “China UnionPay”. The consumption payables will be directly deducted from the RMB current account without paying any commission charge, which make the payment simple and convenient.

  7. Self-services Banking

  You may use ATMs or CRS 24 hours a day to deposit, withdraw, and transfer RMB, change password and inquiry account balance, etc. You may also use other self-service banking terminals to withdraw from a current account without the limitation of operating hours. It is safe and convenient.

  8. Inter-bank Transfer

  You may transfer money in any devices of our bank and devices with the function of inter-bank transfer of other bank. Money of transferring will be arrived in time.

  Special Services:

  1. Small guarantee loan

  If you need small pledge loan, you may apply based on the certificate deposit in your bank card.

  2. A/C transfer IN/OUT

  Cardholders have the option to move the certificate of fixed deposit out of the card to manage separately according to the name of certificate, date of deposit and interest rate.

  3. Connect the card and passbook

  A person with a valid certificate can connect the card with a passbook at any service outlets of KLB. It allows you to fill up passbook at any time and any service outlets, so that you can view the detail of your account.

  4.  Short Message Services

  You have the option of keeping informed in the first minute by short messages once there are changes in your account. You may activate or deactivate the service at any of the Bank’s outlets.

  Helpful Tips:

  1. Protect Password

  Please pay attention to use your card at the Bank outlets, merchant or ATM. Beware of your surrounding especially while entering your PIN, shield the PIN keypad with your hand or body. The Bank will never ask for the password of your card. Avoid any disclosure of your password. Stay alert at ATM, if you notice anything suspicious, such as anything "added" or "sleeved" into the card insert slot, cash-out slot, keyboard or other place, or the colors of ATM body and surface are not the same, call the Bank of Kunlun immediately. No password is required when you enter self-service banking area.

  2. Protect the Card

  Do not accept others help easily. When you use ATMs and are distracted, you shall cover the card insert slot to avoid fraud. If the ATM breaks down, you should stay still and call the service number shown on the screen or call the Bank Customer Service Hotline for help. Beware of the customer service number posted nearby the ATM.

  3. Protect Card No.

  Keep the receipt from ATMs to stop people from stealing your card No.

  4. Safekeeping the Card

  Do not put together the card and magnetic material, such as the misplacement of card with other cards, cell phone, keys, TV, CD player and etc

  5. Activate Transfer Function

  According to regulations and risk prevention, self-service transfer function must be applied by the cardholder at any of the Bank’s outlets. The maximum daily transfer amount is RMB 50000.

  6. Do Not Transfer Money to Unknown Account

  The Bank will never ask you to transfer money to a certain account. Avoid any monetary loss because of fraud. Once you get such announcement or receive such phone call, you shall report it to the public security bureau.

  All the contents stated above is for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of Bank of Kunlun for further information. Bank of Kunlun reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.