Bank of Kunlun awarded the financial IC card issuing bank qualification

  The bank officially awarded the financial IC card issuing bank qualification on March 30th 2012.

  The acquirement of IC card issuing bank qualification marks the capability of the Bank to issue PBOC 2.0 standard bank card, using integrated circuit technology, following the financial industry standards and also possessing other commercial services and social management functions. It is of great significance for abounding the Bank’s card products, flourishing the Bank’s card business.

  Grasping this opportunity, the Bank on the basis of seriously studying the effective integration of financial IC cards with finance and public services, continues to develop the application of financial IC card in multiple industries, and gradually promotes the implementation of full jurisdiction within the Bank; constantly absorbs the advanced experience and practice. Aimed by transforming the bank card industry development model, improving public’s lifestyle and enhancing financial services qualities, the Bank should smoothly deal with the relationship of personality and common features, commercial and service business; make its financial IC card truly become the new banner of the financial electronic innovation project.

  Bank of Kunlun Co., Ltd.

  April 6th 2012