Corporate Deposit

Corporate Agreement deposit

  If you have already established a basic or general deposit account in Bank of Kunlun and the account has established for 3 months, you may apply for corporate deposits by agreement service.

  If you sign the “Kunlun Bank Contract for Corporate Agreement Deposits” with us, we will open an account other than the basic/general deposit account that may be used for both settlement and deposits by agreement. You may negotiate with the bank to reserve a basic deposit amount for the settlement account in the contract and the bank will transfer the deposits beyond the basic amount into the “corporate agreement deposits” account and pays interest at a different rate. This settlement account of the “corporate agreement deposits” account will be managed as general settlement account. The settlement account and the “corporate agreement deposits” account cannot be overdrawn. The funds in this account cannot be used for external payment.

  Interest on corporate deposits by agreement is settled quarterly. Interest is paid on the basic deposits at the demand deposit rate published by the PBC on the date of settlement. Interest on the amount beyond the basic deposits is paid at the rate for deposits by agreement published by the PBC on the date of settlement. The rate for the deposits remains the same even if a new rate is published subsequently. The contract is valid for one year.  At expiration, if neither party makes a written proposal to terminate or modify the contract, it is automatically renewed.