International Trade Financing

Package Loan


  The Package Loan is a short-term loan granted by BANK OF KUNLUN to the exporter who presents the supply contract and the L/C issued by a foreign bank in favor of the exporter before submission of shipping documents.

  The customer must guarantee that the loan is used for the preparation and shipment of the goods for export under the L/C. Then valid and conforming documents are submitted to BANK OF KUNLUN in accordance with L/C terms, so that BANK OF KUNLUN can dispatch documents and claim reimbursement.


  It enables customers to take opportunities of trade in short of funds while the advance payments are not available.

  Target Clients

  Corporate customers who:

  1) Holds legal personality and import and export rights

  2) Holds RMB settlement accounts or foreign exchange basic accounts

  3) Holds a good credit line and can meet always the delivery deadline.