Milestones of us in 2010

  December 16th 2010: Bank of Kunlun Xi’an branch starts business.

  December 10th 2010: The first rural bank of Bank of Kunlun: “Leshan Kunlun rural Bank” starts business in Jiajiang county Leshan city.

  September 27th 2010: The second phase of bank of Kunlun’s new information system starts to operate, client service center and on-line banking put into operation.

  August 11th 2010: Jiangxia county and bank of Kunlun hold bank-government cooperation signing ceremony, which indicates the first rural bank of bank of Kunlun, serving for farmers, rural areas and agriculture production officially comes to Jiangxia county.

  July 16th 2010: Kunlun Bank card initiation is held in Dushanzi in Xinjiang province.

  July 15th 2010: Bank of Kunlun Korla branch starts business.

  July 13th 2010: Bank of Kunlun Tuha branch starts business.

  June 9th 2010: Bank of Kunlun Daqing branch starts business, which proves the cross-operation ability of bank of Kunlun.

  May 28th 2010: New information system of bank of Kunlun officially puts into operation.

  April 20th 2010: Karamay city commercial bank changed name to “Bank of Kunlun”.

  April 6th 2010:  Capital increase plan of Karamay city commercial bank was approved by CBRC Xinjiang office. Net capital of Karamay city commercial bank reached to 6.148 billion RMB after the capital increase.

  January 8th 2010: Urumqi branch of Karamay city commercial bank starts business.