Personal E-Banking Business

Function Menu

  My account:

  Customers can perform inquiry function for account balance and breakdowns in ‘My account’ column. Account balance, transaction breakdowns, unrecorded breakdowns and loan information will all be available with the function.


  Customers can perform remittance with this column between registered users, single intra-bank remittance, batch intra-bank remittance, single inter-bank remittance, batch inter-bank remittance, and donation etc.

  Remittance between registered users can help you with the fund transfer between registered e-banking users.

  Intra-bank and inter-bank remittance can help you with the fund transfer between KLB and other commercial banks. You can make reservation for the intra-bank remittance, which is, you can set an agreed-upon time when the remittance will be performed with KLB.

  Donation function enables you to make your own contribution to the social welfare.

  Wealth management

  Wealth Management column will provide service for time/current and current/call switch and service for time deposit and call deposit, which makes good use of your spare cash.

  SMS Notice

  SMS Notice column will help you order the SMS service to notice you of any balance change timely.

  Customer service

  Customer Service column will provide management service for bound accounts, customer information, and menu quick access etc. You can also extend your e-bank account and update your contact information and set your menu quick access, etc.

  Safety center

  You can change your log-in password and the limit of remittance, report for loss and inquire the operation log with this column.