Foreign Exchange Business

Corporate Foreign Exchange Call Deposit


  The Corporate Foreign Exchange Call Deposit is a flexible-term foreign exchange deposit by domestic entities or foreign institutions in China which is withdrawn upon a prior notice to BANK OF KUNLUN that specifies the date and amount of withdrawal.

  The Corporate Foreign Currency Call Deposit only includes seven-day call deposit. A threshold for deposit is foreign exchange equivalent to RMB500,000 and the minimum withdrawal is foreign exchange equivalent to RMB100,000.


  Higher interest rate than foreign exchange demand deposit although lower than foreign exchange time deposit

  More flexible withdrawal compared with foreign exchange time deposit

  Relatively more interest income for customers

  Appreciation of foreign exchange funds

  Target Clients

  Corporate and institutional customers.

  Business Process

  1) The customer completes the Account Opening Application Form and provides required certificates or documents.

  2) Deposits.

  3) Withdrawals. The customer provides authorized seal card that bears signatures and seals of depositor, including financial seal, legal representative seal (or chief officer seal) and accountant seal.

  4) Interest bearing.

  5) If the call has been made while customers fail to make withdrawals or the call is cancelled in the call term, there will not be any interest.