Foreign Exchange Business

Unit Settlement


  Unit Settlement refers to the foreign exchange owners sell the foreign exchange to Bank, Bank pays the equivalent RMB based on the trading date RMB exchange rate. The exchange rate using in the unit settlement is that foreign currency settlement with cash price, foreign exchange settlement with bill of exchange price.


  To meet the needs of customers to translate the foreign currency into the equivalent RMB according to the foreign exchange management policy.

  Target Clients

  State-owned departments, enterprises, institutions, social groups, forces, including foreign-invested enterprises, excluding financial institutions

  Business Operation

  1) To those domestic institutions who are not open foreign exchange accounts, Bank will automatically settle the foreign exchange earnings into RMB; For the branches who have been authorized by Foreign Exchange Bureau can directly apply for capital settlement, can settle the foreign capital with domestic institutions submitted “Application Form of selling foreign exchange” (the text of the contract). For other foreign exchange earnings in capital account, Bank can settle the foreign exchange with domestic institutions submitted “Application Form of selling foreign exchange” and “capital project settlement approved pieces” issued by Administration of Foreign Exchange;

  2) To those domestic institutions who are open foreign exchange accounts, in accordance with the following provisions apply:

  a) To those domestic institutions who have recurring settlement demand, they can contract “Bank automatically settlement attorney” with Bank, within the validity period, Bank settles automatically without additional notices;

  b) Without the contract, for the foreign exchange earnings, customer must sign “foreign exchange settlement application” individually or mark “settlement purposes” on checks, Bank will proceed.

  c) If the overseas remittance instructions RMB account of payee, Bank can settle automatically without “foreign exchange settlement application” and checks;

  d) Part of the domestic institutional foreign exchange for current account balances in excess of their quota, Bank will settle by the relevant provisions of the Foreign Exchange Bureau;

  e) The handling personnel proceeds export credited or credited notices through the business processing system in accordance with the relevant regulations. For trading foreign exchange earnings, Bank can issue special verifications to domestic institutions without their original export verification, but must provide export verification number and specify verification Alliance.

  3) Settlement of the capital projects, authorized by the Foreign Exchange Bureau, Bank can directly settle the foreign exchange business under the capital account open in our bank. Bank should strictly follow the relevant provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management and handle accounted for as capital for investment projects normal capital settlement and audit expenses. The review include:

  a) Domestic institutions of the written application, the application shall specify the capital account, the situation of capital, the currency for settlement, the amount and use, etc;

  b) Domestic institutional business license and foreign exchange registration certificate (Original returned after inspection, copy retained). Other materials as requires;

  c) For a single capital settlement which exceed USD 1M or single day total settlement exceed USD 1M, Bank will fax to Foreign Exchange Bureau the “table of significant amounts of capital foreign exchange under foreign investment” on the next working day.