SME Financing

Warehouse Financing

  Warehouse financing is a business which a corporate client may apply to the bank for loans with its own warehouse warrant or warehouse warrants held by the third party as hypothecation.

  Product Features:

  a) Simple Procedures, easy to operate;

  b) Ways of delivery are flexible during the pledge; enterprises can take a variety of ways to sell;

  c) Ownership of the goods does not transfer under warehouse financing, which does not affect the normal production and business activities;

  d) Warehouse financing applies not only to financing business, but also to acceptance, guarantee and letter of credit business, enterprises can choose in a flexible way;

  e) Financing period and repayment types are also flexible;

  f) Enterprise can deliver all good under the warehouse or partly deliver according to its own convenience.

  Business Process:

  a) Enterprise deposits its own goods into the warehouse admitted by bank of Kunlun, obtains the warehouse receipt issued by the warehousing company after acceptance of goods;

  b) Enterprise, bank of Kunlun, warehousing company sign “three party warehouse pledge supervision agreement”;

  c) Enterprise signs with bank of Kunlun the loan contract and warehouse pledge agreement;

  d) Enterprise uses the pledged receipt for endorsement, items of endorsement are recorded and recognized by the warehousing company, and will deliver to bank of Kunlun bank for custody;

  e) Enterprise and bank of Kunlun together issue pledge notification to warehousing company, warehousing company confirms the pledge notification and advises feedback;

  f) Bank of Kunlun processes the loan distribution procedures when obtaining loan contract, pledged warehouse, pledge agreement and pledge notification.