SME Financing
Movable Estate Pledge Financing

  Corporate clients may apply loans from the bank with its own moveable estates.

  Product Features:

  a) Pledge of movable property can be with wide variety, including steel, nonferrous metals, precious metals (gold, silver), and chemical raw materials;

  b) Pledge of movable property does not affect sales, enterprise can use variety of ways to deliver goods for sale;

  Convenience Brought

  a) Owner rights of movable property do not transfer, which will not affect the normal operating business of the enterprise;

  b) Movable estate pledge financing applies not only to financing business, but also to acceptance, guarantee and letter of credit business, enterprises can choose in a flexible way;

  c) Financing period and repayment types are also flexible;

  d) Enterprise can deliver all goods under the warehouse or partly deliver according to its own convenience.

  Business Process:

  a) Enterprise, bank of Kunlun, warehousing company sign “three party warehouse pledge supervision agreement”;

  b) Enterprise pledges its stock to bank of Kunlun, delivery the stock to the warehousing company for keeping;

  c) Bank of Kunlun estimate the fair value of the stock and provide with the financing to the enterprise;

  d) Enterprise adds warranty or repays the funds or adds pledge;

  e) Bank of Kunlun delivers notice to the warehousing company;

  5) Accounts Receivable Financing

  Accounts receivable financing means the financing business that enterprise applies to bank of Kunlun, pledged with accounts receivables.

  Product Features:

  a) Flexible in payment types. Enterprise can use self-owned funds for repayment or use the funds paid by buyers;

  b) Financing period is also flexible. Enterprise can apply for recurring accounts receivable financing when the original one is about the expire without complex financing procedures;

  Convenience Brought

  a) Accounts receivable can be discounted in advance which effectively enhance the treasury turnover rate;

  b) Can acquire “Treasury Pool” services based on accounts receivables;

  c) Accounts receivables financing applies not only to financing business, but also to acceptance, guarantee and letter of credit business. Enterprises can choose in a flexible way;

  Business Process:

  a) Enterprise applies for accounts receivable finance in bank of Kunlun, the receivable parties should be admitted by the bank;

  b) Bank of Kunlun confirms the amount of pledged accounts receivables;

  c) Bank of Kunlun and the enterprise sign the loan contract and corresponding accounts receivable pledge agreement;

  d) Bank of Kunlun processes accounts receivable pledge register in “Accounts Receivable pledge registration system” established by PBC;

  e) Enterprise opens special recovery account and informs the buyers;

  f) Bank of Kunlun distributes the loan and deduct the funds from the special recovery account in time;