SME Financing

Purchase order Financing

  Purchase order financing is that enterprise applies for financing business to bank of Kunlun with a real and effective purchase and sale contract and purchase orders.

  Product Features:

  Simple Procedures, enterprise can apply for financing with only real contract and purchase order.

  Convenience Brought:

  a) Funds can support raw material purchase and process under purchase order, reduce self-owned funds occupation;

  b) Solve the funds problem; SMEs can get the funds in advance to complete the purchase order;

  c) Significantly enhance the ability of enterprise to get purchase orders;

  Business Process:

  a) Enterprise sign purchase and sales contract and get purchase order;

  b) Enterprise applies for financing in bank of Kunlun with purchase and sales contract, purchase order;

  c) Bank of Kunlun reviews and confirms the truth of the contract and purchase order, determine its comprehensive credit limit, and open special sales account for the enterprise;

  d) Enterprise signs purchase order financing contract and guarantee contract with bank of Kunlun;

  e) Bank of Kunlun distributes the funds to the enterprise; enterprise puts the funds in designated usage;

  f) The buyer pays the funds, bank of Kunlun deduct the funds from designated account;