Savings Business

Kunlun Smart Call Deposit

  One Contract, Intelligent Transfer

  Kunlun Smart Call Deposit adopts the management model of current deposit account. It has the functions of automatic notice, automatic re-deposit, and automatic withdrawal in advance.

  Simple Procedures, Higher Returns

  The system will re-deposit your current account into personal call deposit according to the agreed term and amount. The interest of those less than the agreed term will be calculated by the interest rate of current deposit.

  Auto-Transfer, Time-saving and Trouble-free

  When the balance in your account is lower than your withdrawal, Bank of Kunlun Auto-ally withdraws the personal call account in advance.

  Auto-ally Financing, Relaxing and Pleasant

  You can set up the remaining balance of your active account with the minimum of RMB 2000 and increasing by integer multiple of RMB 1,000. The term is 7-days. The rate of call deposit during the agreed term may apply when the deposit reaches the minimum of RMB 50,000. You may also withdraw your money as easily as from current account.

  All the content stated above is for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of Bank of Kunlun for further information.