Savings Business

Current Deposit


  1. It is a kind of savings either in the form of the bank card or Kunlun passbook and password, without deposit period defined.

  2. You can deposit or withdraw at anytime without restriction on the amount. Initial minimum is 1 Yuan, no ceiling.

  Service Features:

  1. Nationwide account access:Use the bank card to deposit/withdraw cash at any service outlets and self-service devices in China. Kunlun passbook with pre-set password can be used to deposit/withdraw cash at the service outlets of the issuance city. Renewing the deposit upon maturity can be completed without the card/passbook in the outlets of issuance city.

  2. Funds flexibility: customers can withdraw whenever they need some cash, which shows high funds circulations.

  Interest Rate:

  1. Interest accrued on personal RMB current deposit is calculated at the rate quoted on the settlement date and shall be credited to the account every three months, on the 20th of the last month of each quarter. The clearing of account before settlement date shall render the interest accrued to one day before the clearing, at the rate quoted on the clearing date.

  2. Interest for personal RMB current deposit shall be accrued aggregately on actual deposit days.

  Operation Guide:

  1. Account opening: You need to present your valid ID in person to open the account at Bank of Kunlun outlets.

  2. Deposit: You may deposit at any service outlets with your card/passbook.  If you can provide your card/passbook number or others, you can deposit without the card/passbook, but a valid ID is necessary.

  3. Withdrawal Cash:The Bank card/passbook must be presented to withdraw cash. Large withdrawal must be arranged with the Bank one day before by appointment in order to prepare enough cash. The maximum withdrawal from ATM in one day is RMB 20,000.

  All the content stated above is for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of Bank of Kunlun for further information.